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Meta Video Ads Best Practice

Video content that drives sales can be a game changer for e-commerce brands. In order to stand out in saturated social feeds, you need to ensure your video content is great.

Why Video

The video format is incredibly powerful and often the most effective way to drive sales on Meta Ads.

Compared to static ads, they allow for more dynamic storytelling. Allowing you to showcase product features and convey a longer lasting impression of your brand.

Some of the key benefits of video are:

  • Improved Engagement: Moving visuals and dynamic content tend to be more eye-catching, providing more ways to effectively "hook" viewers attention and increasing the likelihood of them engaging with the content.

  • Information Retention: Video's provide time to communicate more information than static ads. In addition, people tend to remember information better when presented in a video format. The combination of visuals, audio, and text can lead to better recall.

  • Emotional Connection: The combination of music, storytelling and visuals, can create a stronger emotional connection between the viewer and your brand.

  • Demonstration of Products or Services: For e-commerce businesses, particularly those with innovative or differentiated products, video allows for a deeper demonstration of features and benefits. A better understanding of your products and services leads to better conversions.

Video is a key format for native Facebook and Instagram content. Ads for these platforms need to manage to stand out within these platforms. Investing in video content allows brands to engage their audiences in a vairety of ways.

Meta Ads Video Best Practice

Before diving into what sets great ads apart from good ones, we need to make sure that we are meeting Meta's format requirements. These can impact the way you plan and create video content.

Design recommendations

  • File type: MP4, MOV or GIF

  • Ratio 1:1 (feed placements), 9:16 (Stories and reel placements)

  • Resolution: At least 1080 x 1080 pixels

When shooting, you can save a lot of budget by obtaining versatile shots that you can easily edit to work in both vertical and square formats.

In terms of video length, it is often recommended to keep ads below 15 seconds. However we believe as long as you have more value adding information to share, you can go longer. We have seen many longer videos do extremely well when they are telling a deeper story about your products, brand and why they matter to your customer. The key is to keep it concise within 10-30 seconds.

In our experience, great ads have most of the features below. You can use this list as a checklist when making your own video ads:

  • Features your brand logo at least once in first 3 seconds (can be discreet, for example by showing the product with the logo visible)

  • Says your brand name at least once in the ad (audio/overlay text/CTA at the end)

  • Voice over

  • Overlay text

  • Speaking to camera

  • Has at least 5 different shots in first 5 seconds

  • Shows a face in the first 5 seconds

  • Communicates your offer (product, features, the problem you solve)

screenshot of Meta ads report showing performance of ASC and TOF campaign from an anonymised account

Is Video Right For Your Business

As great as video content is, it might not always be the most important or impactful ad format for your business. Video is likely to be a great fit for you if:

  • You are looking to reach new audiences

  • You have a product or service which is innovative or very differentiated and you need to have the time to explain this to customers

  • Your product is particularly visually interesting

  • Your product is easier to explain through movement, seeing it in action

Need help With Meta Ads?

At Purpose Digital, our experience across industries and product categories gives us a great foundation to recommend a Meta Ads strategy that will best meet your business and your goals. We offer advice in our exploration calls and they are always FREE. So get in touch!


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