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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key supporting channel for growth. It supports paid and other traffic and awareness generating channels by maximising the return from site traffic and email subscribers. It can be used to nurture customer loyalty, re-engage inactive users, cross sell and increase revenue by leveraging personalisation and automation.

Request an Email Marketing Audit

We audit your email marketing platform. We check KPI's against our benchmarks, review campaign metrics, automation flows and will point out any big opportunities for improvement we find.

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Get Expert Email Marketing Support

From best in class automation flows to advanced audience segmentation, we've done it all for brands in fashion, electronics, tech and more.

Our Process

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Audit Your Account

We will audit your account, understanding your objectives, audience and existing automations.

Define A Strategy

We'll build out a roadmap to address the biggest opportunities we identify first.


We'll build on your existing set up to start implementing the changes that will have the most immediate impact on performance first.

Measure, Adjust & Iterate

Email Marketing is all about incremental gains. We will start implementing tests and regularly monitor and measure campaigns and flow performance to maximise your ROI.

Advantages of Using An Agency

We support in the areas where you need expertise, providing a wide scope and deep expertise on-demand.

Email marketing is a channel where working with an agency makes a lot of sense. It requires using complex tools which we have years of experience with. It also involves a lot of automation which when done right can save time and require little work to maintain once set up correctly.

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