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Pot Gang

Pot Gang's monthly boxes contain seasonal seeds, pots, compost and step-by-step guidance. They help beginners grow their own veg.

The Challenge

Pot Gang were seeing stagnating new customer acquisition. The organic social strategy that had helped them acquire their first 1000 subscribers was running out of steam. They came to us to help them scale their customer acquisition.

Our Work


We scoped out Pot Gang's requirements and found a subscription platform called Smartrr that better met their needs and budget. Through the functionality of the new platform we helped the brand upsell more products, reward loyalty and incentivise subscriptions much more effectively.

Paid Social

We restructured their Meta account and implemented conversion tracking so we could more accurately measure and optimise performance. Once we had managed to scale the Meta ads account, we set up and launched campaigns across TikTok and Snapchat.


We worked hand in hand with Pot Gang to help them find a videographer who's experience best matched their needs. Through best practice and A/B testing we optimised messaging and learnt which content styles and formats performed best for Pot Gang across platforms and stages of their marketing funnel.

Reporting & Analytics

Pot Gang now have real time cohort analysis and profitability reporting provided by Lifetimely. We track KPI's such as LTV, CAC and can feed this data into custom forecasting models we have built for them. This allows them to stay on top of cash flow, stock and profit levels as they grow.

The Results


Increase in 6 Month LTV

Source: Shopify Cohort Report, Jan-Apr 2023 YOY


Drop in CPA

Source: Meta Ads Aug 2022 -July 2023 YOY


Increase in Conversions

Source: Meta Ads Aug 2022 -July 2023 YOY


Our Services

Take Your Business to the Next Level

E-Commerce Growth

We specialize in developing and executing e-commerce strategies that drive growth. We work with you to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

Paid Social Media

With hundreds of successful campaigns across Meta, Tiktok & Snapchat we have all the technical expertise and experience to run campaigns that deliver results

Paid Search

Whether on Google or Microsoft Bing, we know how to make the most of the platforms and structure campaigns to find the keywords that will drive the best results for your business.


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